GLASSES made with a Zen mind

In Sabae City, Fukui prefecture in Japan where our company is located, there is the renowned Eiheiji Temple practicing Zen which is representative of Japan.
We thought of using the spirit of Zen to produce Handmade, Made in Japan eyewear frames with the same concept to protray calmness,  thought provocation and in-depth wisdom.
We produce the Zazen series of eyewear in mind that you would be aware that it is the premium eyewear handmade in Japan with the mission to assist you to achieve perfection in terms of beauty, calmness and clear thoughts in life.

Make use of the material's taste

Making use of the finest materials

As Sabae city Japan invented the world`s first pair of titanium eyewear in the early eighties, we believe we should keep on the tradition of making use of the superior titanium material. Some of our handmade eyewear collection make use of the celluloid material which is more shiny and harder than acetate. Celluloid eyewear also does not change shape as easily as acetate eyewear and this ensures maximum comfort. Sabae city in Japan is one of the few remaining places where master craftsman are still able to handcraft celluloid Made in Japan eyewear.

GLASSES suitable of Zazen

GLASSES suitable of Zazen

Zazen is the adoption of a sitting position, suspending all judgmental thinking and letting words, ideas, images and thoughts pass by without getting involved in them.

The Kazuzen series of eyewear has the Zazen spirit in mind in production.