Placing Orders

How long will it take to get my glasses?
Depending on the country you are residing, shipping time is usually from 2 to 5 days after placing order.
How do I choose the right size frame for my face?
We include the size measurements on the product detail pages for each frame. If you have current eyeglasses, you can most likely see these measurements written on the inside of the temple of your current glasses or on the back of the bridge.
The measurement is generally written like this: 50-15-135. The first measurement is the eye size (width of the lenses), the second is the bridge size (distance between the lenses), and the third is the temple size.
Is the order checked to make sure that nothing is wrong before shipping it to me?
Yes. We have trained our shipping department to double quality check all of our frames and lenses prior to shipping them to you.

Shipping Questions

Which countries do you serve?
We co-operate with world-renowned express companies such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX etc and guarantee safe and timely delivery of your glasses. We are also glad to ship to international customers of any countries.
How do you handle shipping delays?
From time to time, shipping delay occurs due to various reasons. We kindly remind you to enter your address correctly with proper cases, spaces and punctuations. If you'd like to have your order shipped to a company address, please don't forget to write the company name as the integral part of your shipping address. In case the shipping delay occurs, please contact us or the courier service.
When does the 10-day period start for the returns period?
TheĀ  10-day period starts from the time when you receive your glasses.


What is the difference between Titanium and Steel?
Both materials are used for glasses frames. Titanium is used more frequently in jewelry because of its durability and low density along with its corrosion resistance and biological compatibility. The key difference that most people notice is that titanium is much lighter. Both metals work great for glasses frames, however.
What is the difference between plastic, acetate and celluloid?
Acetate is a plastic that is more durable than standard plastic. Acetate originates from natural cotton fibers or tree pulp that gives the frames a more natural feel while less expensive plastics use materials, such as PVC, which must be spray painted to achieve patterns or shine. Celloid exerts a more shine and does not change shape easily.
Do you have any retail stores?
We do not not have any retail stores as we produce and distribute directly to lower down cost for our customers.
What types of frames do you sell?
We produce and offer a variety of acetate, celluloid, titanium and combi frames. All of our frames are hypoallergenic and come complete with complimentary case and cleaning cloth.


What forms of payment do you accept?
For purchase orders, we accept payment through PayPal.
Do you accept cash and cheques?
Currently, we don't accept cash, cheques and money order. We only accept Pay Pal payments.
Is the Payment page Secure?
Yes. We utilize industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and other critically sensitive information like your credit card details during checkout. Information passed between your computer and our website cannot be read in the event someone else intercepts it.